How Top Australian Brands Have Successfully Grown Their Instagram Following

Understanding Instagram and its Importance for Business

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, with over 1 billion monthly active users, making it a prime platform for businesses to grow their following and reach potential customers. Instagram is a great opportunity for brands to showcase their products, personality, and culture to potential and existing customers. Having a significant Instagram following is not just about vanity metrics, but it also enhances social proof, and maximizes brand awareness and engagement.

How Top Australian Brands Have Successfully Grown Their Instagram Following 1

Choosing the Right Strategy for Your Brand

Buying fake followers, likes, and comments might seem like a quick and easy way to boost your brand’s Instagram numbers, but in reality, it can actually harm your account and its reputation. Australia’s top brands have instead chosen to focus on a number of organic strategies to enhance their Instagram followers while building an authentic and engaged community.

  • Staying true to your brand’s values and personality: Before posting anything on Instagram, it is essential to understand your brand’s unique identity. Creating and sharing content that resonates with your target audience is the best way to organically increase your Instagram followers. Authenticity can go a long way in building trust with your customers.
  • Consistency: Posting consistent content can create a sense of dependability for your followers, and keep them engaged and interested in your brand. The consistency can be in terms of color scheming, theme, and posting days. Having a well-defined schedule can generate interest among users to check out the brand’s profiles regularly.
  • User-generated content: Encouraging Instagram users to share their experiences with your brand, tagging them in the posts featuring your products or services. Share user-generated content to showcase positive reviews and enhance your customer’s trust in your brand. This method creates engagement on your follower’s Instagram pages, and the likelihood of attracting new followers enhances.
  • Collaborations: Partnering with relevant influencers, similar brands, and other organizations can result in high-quality content and greater reach. Collaborating with the right partner can add authenticity, provide opportunities to reach new audiences, and build trust among potential followers.
  • Creating Visual Appealing Content: Using creative and inspiring visuals encourage engagement and attracts more followers for a brand. An exceptional and eye-catching imagery of products help in creating a good impression of the brand on the followers’ minds.
  • Examples from Top Australian Brands

    In Australia, many top brands have used organic Instagram growth strategies successfully. Here are some examples:

    Frank Body

    Frank Body is an Australian coffee scrub company that became famous on Instagram. The company’s account features good-looking product shots, photos of people using the product, and engaging captions and hashtags. Frank’s Instagram features an authentic voice and sense-of-humour, which stands out from its competitors, and the brand actively maintains its Instagram account with consistently creative and engaging content.


    Go-To is an Australian skincare brand that gained a considerable following on Instagram through user-generated content. They had a hashtag contest #GoToGift, in which users posted photos featuring Go-To products. The winner received a collection of Go-To products, and their photo was featured on the brand’s Instagram account. This promotion helped to drive increased engagement and followers of the brand.


    Canva, the Australian website and mobile app company, has a strong Instagram presence featuring eye-catching and colorful graphics. Their Instagram includes themed posts, mini-games, quotes and testimonials from their followers. Their Instagram has proved to be a powerful platform for promoting their brand, and has helped them grow their company to its current valuation of over $15 billion.


    Growing your Instagram following requires patience, persistence, creativity, authenticity, and dedication, but it also pays off. As seen from the examples of top Australian brands, organic strategies promote and support Instagram growth and help foster strong, authentic, engaging, and loyal communities around your brand. So, next time you think about buying fake followers, think about the brands that have succeeded in growing an organic and sincere Instagram following. Learn even more about Explore this detailed article in this external resource.

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